Teen Bedroom Decor – 12 Reasons to Give Your Teenager’s Bedroom a Makeover

teen bedroom decor

Scratching your head over your teen bedroom decor ideas? These teenager’s bedroom decorating makeovers are simple and easy to do? Given as a gift, it’s a gift that keeps giving and has multiple benefits for both you and your teen from improving your relationship to future gift potential.

Teen bedroom decor makeover
Let’s explore the top reasons why you should give your teenager’s bedroom a makeover this holiday season.

1. It is a practical gift that will be enjoyed well beyond the holiday season.

2. Redoing your teen’s bedroom makes your teenager feel valued and important, as the project focuses on her likes (favorite colors), interests (great inspiration for a room theme) and needs (improve storage space and activity zones).

3. Working on an organizing and decorating project together can be a positive way to reconnect or stay connected with your teen. Painting walls and refinishing furniture are great joint activities.

4. Footing the bill for teenager’s bedroom makeover gives you a good excuse to suggest some organizational improvements. Supply new storage containers so everything has a home. (Save money by checking out a local dollar store first.) Look for storage bins and organizers that coordinate with your teen’s bedroom.

5. Reorganizing a teen bedroom also affords a great opportunity to de-clutter it. Encourage your teen to get rid of stuff e.g. excess toys and clothing. There is little point keeping items that are no longer used, needed, or have been outgrown.

6. De-cluttering a teenager’s bedroom can also be used as a valuable lesson in passing along previously loved items to those less fortunate. Box up unwanted items and donate to a local charity or give away to friends and family (check first to make sure they want it).

7. Giving your teen’s bedroom a facelift encourages pride of ownership and the responsibility of better maintaining the space.

8. The New Year (when teens start back to school in January) is also the ideal time to establish new routines like a quick once around the room tidy-up each night before turning in.

9. Bed-in-a-bag sets are usually inexpensive, easy to find, and offer great inspiration for a teen bedroom theme.

10. The door to future ‘decor’ gifts is wide open. Consider giving decorative photo frames, wall stickers, light switches or throw pillows as birthday presents.

11. A lesson about money and budgeting can be given to teens with expensive tastes. Discuss which items will be given as a gift and what is a reasonable budget. Decide also whether or not your teenager should contribute to the overall cost with money earned from a part-time job.

12. A teen bedroom makeover project that includes fresh paint, flooring, built-in features (e.g. shelving and window seats) and/or new light fixtures could increase the value of your home.

Finally, give cash or a hand-crafted ‘Teen Bedroom Makeover’ voucher (complete with a few written ground rules and the offer of guidance and physical help if required).

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