Knick Knacks – How You Can Get The Nostalgic Look

knick knacks

Accessories are the highlights of any interior design and could help pull your 1930’s style decorating theme together. Using nostalgic style accessories will help accentuate the nostalgic and interesting allure of your room décor, making it have the appeal of nostalgic style.

Your 1930’s décor will really pop when you add specific coordinating knick-knacks, pillows and wall art.
knick knacks
Wall art is vital in any design, but if you don’t situate it properly it is sure to spoil the whole effect. Many people arrange paintings and prints so that the bottom or top edges line up, but it’s important to arrange them so that the middle of the pieces line up.

If you have numerous piece to use on one wall, try arranging them on the floor initially to locate the perfect arrangement. You can bring interesting panache into your 1930’s style decorating theme design with 1930’s travel or movie posters that you should hang simple black frames.

Finding the appropriate knick knacks to go with your decor can be fun and also help pull the room together. To compliment your vintage decor, buy knick knacks with a nostalgic and interesting feeling.

art nouveau clocksAdding art deco or art nouveau clocks, lamps and vases on shelves, mantles and tables can give you a terrific look and so can geometric shaped knick knacks on shelves.

When looking for pieces try to acquire ones that mirror your unique tastes. If you have minimal funds, try shopping at garage sales and flea markets for excellent interesting decorative items.

Decorative pillows are another accessory you can make use of to spruce up your room design. If you were under the impression that pillows were purely for the bedroom, think again, they can provide a fascinating touch to any room including the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Pillows are smart for those with a budget because displaying them with your existing living room furniture can help give it a vintage decor allure without having to acquire new items. You can decorate with pillows in the bath or kitchen by putting them on chairs, shelving and any corner or any interesting spot.

Putting decorative pillows stacked at the head of your bed can add a great professional appeal. Add a comfortable appeal to your decor with pillows that are made from vintage fabrics.

Some accessories that can help add interest to the feeling of nostalgic style include vintage signs, vintage linens, and jadite items. To better add appeal to your decorating theme, you should select accessories that not only go with each other, but also the decorating theme. Don’t stray to far from your theme or you could end up with a non definitive room design.

art deco style furniture

Adding art deco style furniture and accessories to your 1930’s style decorating theme will completely help the room have a unique touch. Make sure you have a plan for what styles of pieces to purchase and stick to that plan.

Also, think about the sizes you are looking for that will help add to the room decor. Buying items which look great together will help ensure your design theme really pops!