Little Leaks In Your Bathroom Can Lead To Big Damage

In case you think that your bathroom might have a leak then it is best to call the renovator and let him start his job. He is an expert at the job and would know where to find the leak and stop it before it causes further damage.

Signs of Leakage

The leaks in the bathroom, which shouldn’t be ignored. Some of the signs of bathroom leaks that would help you recognizing them are:


Even though you clean your bathroom regularly look for colonies of molds as they are bound to develop around the areas of the leak.


There is a pungent musty smell of accumulated water which is a marker for leaks since the hidden water does not dry up easily.

Wet Wallpapers

The adhesive that bonds the wallpaper to the wall is washed away by the leak thus separating it out or it becomes loose.

Ceiling Stains

The leaks could penetrate through the walls hence causing stains on the roofs of the lower floor.

Decolored Walls

Due to constant contact with water the paint on the walls starts chipping which falls because of breaking and warping.

Flooring Damage

The bathroom floor rarely suffers damage until it has a stagnant water accumulation. In case of stains, buckling and breaking of the floor, then it is time to call the renovator or the plumber.

Probable Leak Areas

Although most of the plumbing of the bathroom is done within the walls however there are some places you might want to check before digging inside foundation. These areas are the most probable places that might be leaking due to constant wear and tear by extensive use.

Sink and Faucets

They are the most common leak areas for leak as the faucets are one of the most extensively used fitting in the bathroom and might start leaking due to wear and tear.

Commode and Flush

The commode pipes and flush are also very prone to leaks due to assembly of various parts which loose elasticity over time causing a leak.


A crack in the tubs can sometimes go un-noticed and hence causes water accumulation. In this case it is time to ask the renovator to show you new samples of tubs and Jacuzzi’s.


Showers are also one of the most common leaks in the bathroom as they are used regularly and as the time passes on the materials inside the shower corrode causing the leaks.

Walls and Roof

The leak on the walls or roof is a distinct marker of a broken pipe inside the walls. If you have such a leak it is time to call the renovator to rebuild and remodel the walls and fix the break inside by the help of a plumber.

Damage Caused by the Leaks

The damage caused by the leak could be extensive and hence, one should contact the renovator as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration of the bathroom space and the house. However, some of the worst damages caused by leaks are

  • ACCIDENTS such as slipping or the ones caused by cracking walls and ceiling could be extremely dangerous. They are mostly caused by corrosion of the walls and ceiling due to constant water contact caused by the leak.
  • ILLNESS due to breading of germs and bacteria in the stagnant water from the leaks.
  • CORROSION of the foundation of the house such as ceiling, floor or the walls.

Watercolor Coffee Mugs – Easy DIY Gifts

Watercolor Coffee Mugs – Easy DIY Gifts

Watercolor Coffee Mugs – Easy DIY Gifts
Creating gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or any special occassion used to be a chore but no more with these easy to create Watercolor Coffee Mugs. Very simple and easy to do diy gift that whoever you give them too will absolutely love.

Very easy to do in 3 simple steps…


diy home decor watercolor

33 Decorating craft ideas simple to create!
Here are 33 simple ways to create useful craft projects around the home using items easily found in your home or at any hardware store in your neighborhood or near you.

When I say these craft projects are drop dead simple I mean it. Go to site and see more…

DIY Home Decor Arts And Craft Ideas

DIY craft projects

The Most Useful Arts And Crafts Tips
In order to become better at arts and crafts, you need to immerse yourself within the field, networking and reading about different tips you can use for your hobby. The field of arts and crafts is so expansive that you can never learn everything, and it’s up to you to take what you find out and turn it into your own creations. Prepare for some great advice to get you there.

DIY craft projects

Do a single project at a time. It can be tempting to do various projects and start on all kinds of crafts in this hobby. This is how many projects stay unfinished. Take the time to complete one before doing another. That will give you a better chance of completing it.

Organize Your Work Area

Keep your arts and crafts storage area as clean and organized as possible. Many craft projects rely on a lot of little pieces. These pieces are easy to lose as you shuffle through all of the items in your area. Having some sort of organization will make your life much less anxious when it comes time to really make something.

Getting rid of unwanted arts and crafts supplies can both be easy and rewarding. If you’ve found yourself with too many supplies to keep organized, consider donating them to a local school or youth center. You can also create your own gift baskets or arts and crafts kits full of the supplies you no longer need.

Do Arts and Crafts Projects With The Kids


Look for arts and crafts ideas online. If you are looking to start a project, look for ideas online. Regardless of the age of the participant, there is likely a project for everyone.

Try setting aside a craft job that you can do while doing arts and crafts projects with your kids. If you are really into arts and crafts, and you don’t do this, you could start hovering and trying to control what your kids are doing. They should be able to do their own thing while you do yours.

Have a phone nearby when doing arts and crafts. Make sure everyone involved knows how to call the local poison control center. Accidents happen, even to adults. The real risks are when kids and chemicals are involved simultaneously. You always hope you never have to make that call, but be ready to do so.

Here Comes Summer – What to Do

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend time as a family. They can become a great way to occupy kids during the summer or you can start a family tradition by making Christmas ornaments for the tree each year. Those ornaments will be treasured items for years to come.

To entertain young guests at a fun summer party, have each of them bring a watermelon. You provide the permanent markers and the paint, and then show them how to turn that watermelon into a head. Have them paint the facial features on, and have some old carpet squares on hand to glue into place for the hair.

After having read this article, you’re surely ready to make your next creation. Think about all the advice that has been explained, and understand how it can affect your hobby in a positive way. You’re supposed to enjoy doing arts and crafts, and the more you know, the more you will have fun.
More DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIY Arts and Crafts

arts and crafts

Choosing Arts And Crafts That Are In Demand

Would you like to earn money with your arts and crafts? Are you tired of working for someone other than yourself? Would you like to build a business with your own creativity? Do you wonder how to make your craft marketable?

Below are five tips that will help you make an income with your own arts and crafts.

Build a business foundation: When building a business to earn money with your arts and crafts, make sure your product is in demand and a marketable craft. When picking your foundation products, make sure they are not seasonal items. You need to pick products that can be sold year round, then add a
few holiday crafts throughout the year. If you choose to produce crafts that have a shelf life, try to pick just a few items to sell in addition to the foundation product. By adding a large variety of products
to your display you will draw the attention of many different customers.

Arts and Crafts that are in demand: Look for items that are needed such as:baby items, home decor, personalized gifts, holiday crafts, jewelry or other personal items. The list could go on and on- your opportunities could be endless. One approach to help you make a decisions on products is to visit boutiques, craft suppliers and other retail stores in your area. By doing this and researching what sells effectively in your area, you can make those very important decisions.

Determine necessity: The best-selling crafts are the ones that are needed by consumers, not ones that are simply wanted. If you are making something like beautiful baby quilts, they are far more likely to sell than something like a higher priced wood carving.

Make your arts and crafts target your demographic: Where will you be selling your product? Are you selling it at a Craft Boutique? Then perhaps, you should not make a hunting related product, save that for a Hunting and Camping Expo. Instead, make something like a wooden home de’cor product.

Don’t follow trends: Trends in crafts come and go. Don’t base your business solely on what’s hot right now. It’s okay to sell trendy and hot items, but make sure you also have a variety of other items for when this trend is no longer popular.

By using these five easy steps, you should be ready to choose the arts and or crafts you would like to create for your business. You should start out slow-only making a few of each item until you see what is going to sell. This way you are not going to be left with hundreds of left over products that you just did not market well. The most important thing to remember when starting your own retail business is to have fun with it, and to learn from your mistakes. You will make mistakes, but that is the way a good business is built.

Memes – Creating Hilarious Memes


We the netizens constantly crave a new obsession and these sarcastic, animated pictures have certainly become an integral part of our culture. It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words – and companies are utilizing these visual assets as various forms of communication on social media marketing, newsletters or blog posts. It is being embraced as a perfectly acceptable mode of communication for brands, political leaders, official emails, as well as social media.

What Is A Meme?

Memes refer to a part of digital content having captioned photos that relate in a much effective way to relay response or situations. Anything and everything can be made into a meme, like; a photo, a video, a person, an animal, a fictional character, an action or even a GIF.

What Is A GIF?

A GIF is a form of a meme, which can move. The animated styles of GIFs make them more effective in communicating digital content.

Creative Expression Takes A Leap:
memesMemes and gifs have paved a way for non-verbal communication on the digitally mediated environments.

They offer concise and flexible expressions for various complex verbal and visual sentiments.

They simply ease the way that communication ensues, reducing the trouble of misunderstanding while reading a text message.

Various sentiments, like sarcasm or exaggeration, can be easily reflected using memes or GIFs.

The Growing Preference For GIFs:

GIFs are the perfect mid-way between the classic images and heavy-to-load videos and give the value of best of both worlds. They are eye-catchers due to the moving images, with or without sound, which makes them quick to consume and easy to digest. An idea can be expressed better and wider as compared to just one photo.

Why Do We Use Memes and GIFs?

The richness and nuances of various sentiments can be condensed into a single post using memes or GIFs. It is fast becoming the most efficient form of cultural expression even in the mainstream marketing communications.

Where a YouTube video takes some time to watch – these GIFs can serve the purpose in lesser time. They take up less file size because they’re shorter and do not require Flash player. They can autoplay on various platforms and can be deployed in multiple ways. They add meaning to something written or even to express better responses to various scenarios.

Education & Marketing Using GIFs:

GIFs are being used not only to make you laugh but also transport some serious meaning to its content. People are using GIFs for educational purposes, like; drawings, illustrations and slow-mo videos to describe scientific concepts.

Brands have made GIFs mainstream by using them into various ads and mode of internal as well as external communication.

What The Future Holds?

These GIFs and memes are here to stay. They will be used in an even broader sense to promote marketing content, drive more traffic and create more interest by the marketers. There are various websites and blogs using memes and GIFs to enrich their visitor experience. It is suggested that GIFs are the future of photojournalism.

Everyone on the internet has fallen truly, deeply, madly in love with GIFs and memes – and I hope to see a lot more of them in the future.

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